31051 Thanks

When is the last time you said “thanks”?

This magic word makes you true to yourself.Telling or being told this magic word brings you a warm feeling.
It’s a wonder word, when you see somebody saying “thanks”, making you feel like to say “thank you” too.

Fill your daily life with feelings of “thankfulness”.

who will you thank?

Theme of Thanks

You can leave who you said thanks to as “Theme.” With this feature, you can find all the thanks to “father” or “lover” at a time, for example.
If you have someone you want to say thank you to but don’t know how to say it, please take a look at them first.


select family on theme to see your thank you's to your family.

say thank you whenever, however you want

Variety of THANKS

We have created various THANKS, such as special sites for specific theme, mobile sites and collaborated sites.
Find your favorite one and fill everyday life with “thanks.”


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how many thank you's are there in the world?

Thanks on Streets

On the Internet, there are also countless “thanks” outside of our THANKS service every day.
We have collected such thanks on blogs or twitters.


thank you's in a country far away?

“Thanks” of the world

To collect thanks from all over the world, THANKS supports 3 languages; Japanese, English, and Chinese.
Also, we listed expressions of “thanks” in various languages.

thanks of the world

select out of 3 languages

do you get points for saying thanks?


You get THANKS Point every time you say thanks, 1 point at a time.
The rate may be changed for a set time period.
Now all you can do is just to accumulate, but points will be exchangeable for some kind of service.
So, go ahead and keep saying “thanks.”

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